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Can you imagine the same negative energy that we pour into ourselves is the same energy that our children pour into their own thoughts! It's probably worse coming from their perspective because they haven't reached the maturity to discover their inner-self as we have as adults. Do you remember the confusion and the uncertainty of our emotions and body parts at a younger age? Man what a trying time lol. My generation happened during when school and music videos were my biggest influence! Lol…Myspace and Blackplanet were defiantly too advanced for me! I grew up in a single family home living with my father and I remember begging him for my own personal room landline phone… Of course he said no lol but I eventually became sneaky enough to bypass him and grab a spare light up home phone to plug into to my wall cable to make calls at night while he was sleeping. Also during this time in my generation there was the beautiful R&B singer named Aaliyah who made it a sexy comfortable norm to slightly show your belly button but off set it with tomboy baggy jeans (known today as boyfriend jeans) making it more acceptable in society. Now today our social media is letting young women and men think the more skin shown is classier and more appealing. From airing shows “House Wives” to “Love and Hiphop” reality t.v showing skin and cursing is the norm! I mean don't get me wrong…Get your bag! Whatever it takes to get your money up so you can provide for yourself and your family! I am all for that! But while doing that we need to educate our younger generation that “Nothing is done different under the sun” There is nothing that we are going through in this current era that hasn't been done generations before us!!! “Words by King Soloman" Lets help our younger generation (who will be here to take care of us when we are old) and explain the reality of right and wrongs we have experienced! Let us not get so far from them that important conversations will be to late to have! Let's start to inspire our kids NOW with affirmations they will not only repeat to themselves but to their children, and their children's children!!! Its so easy to state repetitive negative thoughts that are not true! God has much more than we can see!

From the words of king Soloman… "The eye is never full of seeing and the ears are never full of hearing!" No matter what we do it will never be enough! So make things count that our kids hear and see with nothing but optimistic energy! Giving their eyes full of positive energy and ears filled with receptive useful vocabulary that can be carried down to the next stage of life to change the world!

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